Vinyl Dumbbells

Vinyl Dumbbells Weights

Set of 2 weights

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PRODUCT: Set of 2 dumbbells made of sturdy, high quality vinyl covers to ensure a comfortable grip offering secure support, favoring the correct execution of the exercise without damaging the hands.

QUALITY: It has ERGONOMIC GRIP and the vinyl coating increases the DURABILITY of the dumbbells, protects the floor and equipment, improves aesthetics, reduces noise and is easy to clean. The dumbbells have hexagonal ends, preventing them from rotating on the floor. They are very pleasant to the touch

FITNESS AND WELL-BEING: With this weight training kit you can exercise and train anywhere, at home, outdoors or at any sports center. Thanks to this 2-weight pack, you can combine several exercises

TRAIN AT HOME: Who says you can’t exercise at home? There are a multitude of exercises and sports routines you can do at home with these dumbbells, because they are fantastic and easy to use!

MULTIPURPOSES: Perfect for performing numerous FITNESS FUNCTIONAL exercises and for strengthening, at home and in the gym, the abdominal, biceps, triceps, quadriceps and glutes muscles

BENEFITS: With this extraordinary fitness tool you will be able to INCREASE joint mobility and muscle mass, LOSE WEIGHT thanks to metabolic conditioning and empower your upper and lower body muscles.

FEATURES: Perfectly assembled weights, easy to clean / TRANSPORT and immediately ready to use; Length of dumbbell: 24 cm; Clamp diameter: 4.5 cm; Sold in pairs.


Weight 05 g

0.5kg, 1,5kg, 2kg, 3kg, 4kg, 5kg



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