Rhythmic Gymnastics Multicolor Ribbon Pastorelli

Multicolor ribbon Pastorelli, certified by FIG
Available sizes:
– 5.20m, 35-36g – Junior Teams and Individual Athletes – 6.20m, 37g – Senior Teams and Individual Athletes

32.39 com IVA



Lightness, strength, technique, aesthetic quality and variety of colors in a single product…

As a handcrafted product, PASTORELLI doesn’t guarantee the correspondence between the actual color of the item and the color shown in the picture. It can also happen that, since there are several ribbons of the same batch, the masks of the ribbon may be slightly different from each other.

. Soft
. Dynamic waves
. Non electrostatic

6m ribbon used in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Weight N/A

Black/Fuchsia/White, Black/Red/White, Black/Violet/Light Blue, Black/Yellow/Green, Blue/Green/Yellow, Blue/Light Blue/White, Blue/Magenta/White, Blue/Orange/Yellow, Light Blue/Pink/White, Magenta/Lime Green/Pink, Magenta/Pink/White, Magenta/Yellow/White, Violet/Orange/Yellow, Violet/Pink/White


5m, 6m


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