Elastic Latex Bands AMAYA

Elastic latex bands. For arm and leg exercises. Different densities and hardnesses. 30m rolls. x 15 cm.
Soft – Orange
Medium – Green
Strong – Blue

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  • Amaya elastic bands help to achieve body extension, improve the exercise of the legs, hips, waist, arms, etc. They are perfect for exercises such as yoga, pilates, stretching, crossfit, weight training, weight loss, physical therapy and recovery.
  • Adjust resistance levels to different muscles during your workout depending on your strength, skill and comfort.
  • The elastic bands provide a safe and effective workout. Allows you to control muscle tension in multiple directions and strengthen every muscle and joint. Ideal for increasing flexibility, posture and core strength.
  • Elastic Bands Made from durable natural latex, Amaya Elastic Bands are wear-resistant and sturdy enough to get the most out of your workout.
  • They can be taken anywhere, so you can exercise anywhere at any time. It’s perfect for exercising at home, at the office, at the gym, outdoors, and even while traveling.

Different densities and hardnesses.

Individual lightweight latex strip. Orange 1,5 m. Width 15 cm.
Medium individual latex band. Green 1.5 m Width 15 cm.
Strong individual latex band. Blue 1,5 m Width 15 cm.


Weight N/A

Medium, Soft, Strong




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