Competition Kettlebell AMAYA

Competition Kettlebell


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  • HIGH QUALITY, BUILT TO LAST – Made of 100% steel, ensuring long life despite daily use. For added protection, the base is reinforced with a powder coating that protects against scratches, bumps and magnesium residue.
  • COLOR CODED MARKS – The kettlebell ball is color coded so it can be easily differentiated between different weights at a glance.
  • CONSISTENT STANDARD SIZE – Competition Kettlebells do not vary in size. Regardless of whether you train with an 8 kg kettlebell or a 32 kg kettlebell, the ball and cable dimensions will remain the same. That way, you can perform the exercise with a lighter weight and then transition to heavier kettlebells ​​without having to adjust your technique.
  • FLAT BASE AND ERGONOMIC HANDLE – The bottom of the kettlebell is flat for stability and allows for vertical storage. The handles of these kettlebells are slightly thinner and can be safely sprayed with magnesium, ensuring a comfortable and secure grip, even for those with small hands.
  • CLASSIC AND VERSATILE EQUIPMENT – This classic equipment can be used by professionals and amateur athletes. Offers a full-body workout and can be used for popular exercises such as swing, squat, snatch, Turkish lift, fixed bar, thrusters and more.
Weight 14 g

10Kg, 12Kg, 14Kg, 16Kg, 18Kg, 20Kg, 22Kg, 24Kg, 26Kg, 8kg

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